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Dec 7, 2012 3:00pm PST
by the noble. the compound is laid out as groups of houses, each around its own courtyard or patio. this is the location of the workshop. the patios are interconnected, and focus on the main patio and the house of the noble. the noble is the head of the compound. he is the patron of everyone living here. david webster is the archaeologist who excavated much of the noble's house. this man probably had about 200 to 300 people who were dependent on him in some way, including his wives, his brothers, his political retainers, his economic specialists, living in this patio group and the other patio groups. they're buried here. there are about 250 or 300 burials here. which are the people who were his dependents. and essentially what this is is an elaborate household. keach: the maya noble could support his household because he controlled the rich farmland surrounding the compound. the land was so fertile it could produce a surplus which fed the noble's dependents, including specialists like the artisan, who were not themselves farmers. this was the basis of the economic system of the eli
Dec 10, 2012 10:00pm PST
of the over 18 pride attendees we surveyd in 2011 said they are bothered by second hand smoke on bar patios and understand it is harmful. since the environment on an outdoor bar patio is not that different, it makes sense that they would also want pride to be smoke free. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is kimberlee long and one of the project advocates. for as long as i can remember i've been attending street events with my dad and he would allow me to go under one condition, as long as i had my inhaler. second hand smoke is a quick trigger for my asthma attacks and knowing that, it drove him nuts trying to have everything ready for me just in case. making these events smoke free will mean those who have issues breathing won't have to worry about that before. there's no safe level of secondhand smoke so i truly urge you to support this. >> thank you. if there's anyone else that would like to speak, please come forward. next speaker. >> my name is stef fan white, i am a tenant at 922 post street. i'm here because i understand that right now the law basically says that landlords
Dec 12, 2012 7:30pm PST
plan, covered patio,s jazz and blues at night, barbecue, and let me see ... by approvalling this, we are not approving a leasehold for bows all you are delegating the authority to sit down with bows and negotiate for 60 days and hopefully arrive at an equitable least between the port and bows barbecue. neck steps next steps if you indeed authorize me if negotiate we anticipate that could take a month to put the least together and we would be back to you with the term and conditions of that least for your approval and following that, we would anticipate going to the board of supervisors for approval and a commencement date optimistically pep; february, march -- very optimistic. and i'm happy to answer any of your questions i'm requesting your authorization to negotiate. >> thank you is there any public comment on this item? >>> >>> first of all, i would like to say i appreciate the hard work here with the due dates and with the fact that we had four companies that put in and you chose this and so i'm pleased and i can definitely support this justice has been done. >> thank y
Dec 17, 2012 8:30am PST
. by the way,? are interesting because the rules change. if you are on the ground and it is a patio, it has different rules. if you lay a flagstone patio, you're not getting a permit for a deck. but if you build -- let us say you build a deck that is less than 30 inches off the ground. no permit is required. it does not go to the assessor reporter's office. between 30 and 36 inches off the ground, you need a permit. you can expand the entire size of your rear yard. if you are more than 36 inches off the ground, you have to meet the planning department open space requirements and encroachment requirements. there is a whole range. another thing would be converting an unfinished basement or adding living area, which is happening very often. people are taking the back of their grosz and turning it into their room, or an attic. that is happening in lot. you have to be assessed for that. i think that is a very green thing to do because you do not have to add building. do you have anything to say about general improvement? >> it is a big additional we are talking about attic space. when you are re
Dec 13, 2012 8:00pm PST
are the decks. and the staircase. the staircase that walks right up and looks into the ramblin's back patio. the decks that have nothing to do with living space. and nothing to do with whether or not the proponent will have space for their family. they want to put decks with glass railings. what they want -- what they are doing is early creating a nice little spa-like environment that allows them to peer into the privacy of their windows. they look into bathroom windows and bedroom windows and have a facade around the top of the building that is not necessary and shades an area that now has saxon saxon solar panels. assume threat of of the -- assume that the rest of the neighbors want do the same thing, what happens to that mid-block space? it goes away. if everybody starts doing this and suddenly as i say the open space goes away, if everyone decides that they need to have decks on their back, with glass railings, then there is going to be no privacy for anyone whatsoever. thank you >> thank you. project sponsor you have a 2-minute rebuttal. >> >> thank you. president fong and commi
Dec 21, 2012 6:00pm PST
maÑana porque una residente les llam y le dijo que dos sujetos se habian metido a su patio y haban recogido una pistola. s.o.t. albert morales/portavoz, policía de san josé 11:49:20 we suspect that maybe that gun was tossed there as a result of the robbery yesterday in their attempt to probably flee from the police. el portavoz de la polica dijo que sospechan que los sujetos haban desechado el arma en la casa ayer despus de cometer un robo a mano armada en otra parte de la ciudad.. por lo menos uno de los sospechosos fue detenido... s.o.t. arturo gonzález/vecino 3:12:22 estaba en mi casa cuando pasó la policía y luego cuando bajamos miramos varias patrullas. autoridades le pidieron a la primaria sanders, y otras dos escuelas cerrar de manera temporal como medida de precaucin. s.o.t. josé rosete/vecino 4:34:24 yo le dije al principal que lo que necesita el distrito es una o dos personas que les paguen, y que anden ahí vestidos de civil y que anden checando por si ven algo sospechoso, inmediatamente hablarle a la policía. s.o.t. albert morales/portavoz, policía de san josé
Dec 21, 2012 11:00pm PST
hombre, de 22 aÑos de edad, se escondi en un patio en la calle "d" y despues de forcejear con los agentes, fue arrestado y hospitalizado con lesiones aun no reveladas..... despues de ser dado de alta, el hombre fue encarcelado bajo sospecha de robo y de agredir a un policia outro ---las autoridades se negaron a revelar el nombre del sujeto y dicen que otros complices podran haber participado en el atraco... . ---es todo de mi parte, regreso contigo... cesar ---se vivieron momentos de tension en el sur de la bahia... take vo ---una persecucin policiaca esta maÑana provoco el cierre temporal de varias escuelas del ste de san jos.. ---pero como nos explica jaime peluffo, el incidente se prest para que residentes ventilaran sus frustraciones con la creciente ola de crimen en esa zona de la ciudad.. ---jaime... 0:01 0:09 0:21 0:40 0:52 1:26 1:44 take pkg la polica lleg a esta zona del ste de san jos cerca a las colinas esta maÑana porque una residente les llam y le dijo que dos sujetos se habian metido a su patio y haban recogido una pistola. s.o.t. albert morales/portavoz, policía de san j
Dec 3, 2012 8:00am EST
it instantly. -- perfect for the patio area. >>guest: let me show you this cabinet. inside a cabinet. of course you have a live in cabinet -- linen closet a lot of white sheets they have different patterns now when i turned the lights on i can see them. in your kitchen cupboard you can just literally stick it on the side. of course you do not want mixture of vitamins and spices to gather diy like myself you will light in the shed. you saw that in the video you can put this with you want it to. >>host: have lowered the light so you can have an idea of how great the light is. much light is in there. that is a lot of light. we will show you all 3 lit up together. this is not a night light it is a real light and love. you can see inside and it is also of >>guest: it is really nice, absolutely is. i brought things up from underneath my sink have everything that is able to be >>host: under my kitchen sink i have double and triple of triple compact4 why do i need all i have more combat than i do in the sky >>host: >>guest: you do not want to get mixed up so put a light on it.if you are
Dec 2, 2012 10:00pm PST
trees were also sent to us. the wolf family home suffered minor damage on its roof and patio. >> lisa tainer has sent some pictures of a tree on top of cars. can you see the saturated ground gave way. >> the floods in this area is officially over. what stopped the historic flooding along the river. >> two coast guard members were flown from the boat. >> one of them did not survive. one injured coast guard and the death of another collapsed in japan. about 150 concrete panels fell frm . >> at least nine people are known to have dead after a major tunnel collapsed in japan, about 150 concrete panels fell from the roof. the bodies were found in three crushed cars about 50 miles west of tokyo. a number of survivors were able to escape on foot. >> investigators are investigating negligence. >> tragedy for the coast guard as it investigates smuggling. a small boat noticed -- deployed boy the coast guard was rammed today. here's how it turned deadly. >> the us coast guard is morning a loss of one of their own. suspected of smuggling drugs and running without any lights. >> as the cutter in t
Dec 19, 2012 11:00am PST
dining room, because it has a small patio at one end and a fountain and soft sounds of the fountain really add. we always knew we want wanted to have the room built around a very important art piece that the clients owned. and i took the colors from the piece, went to the marble yard and found this wonderful marble that is a soft green color from which this whole coloration stems. >>> thank you for joining me. and i hope you can see how beautifully art and design come together. >>> still ahead, we're on the hunt for a new york city apartment upgrade. and up next, a 10,000 square-foot chicago home. >>> welcome back to "open house." now we go behind the doors of a beautiful chicago home that's the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary. this is set on 2.4 makers of magnificent landscape. >> hello. i'm carol segal. welcome. today i'd like to give you a tour of my home at 36 woodley road in winnetka, illinois. ♪ >> now we're in the family room/media room. it's 33 x 19. certainly you can have lots of family members here or sports aaficionados to watch the game. welcome to my green
Dec 28, 2012 7:00pm PST
on the patio. fireworks are out front. it is a great place to be. >> reporter: at nearby boulevard restaurant, diners can enjoy a prefixed meal. you eat late enough you have a midnight surprise. >> we want to make everyone's nightip credible. we change -- incredible. so we change everything, but everyone is up for it, especially the young cooks. >> reporter: a similar plan at their other restaurant, prospect. if you want to celebrate more economically, plenty of less expensive spots require no reservations. >> normally it is very, very busy. starts early in the day and keeps going until we make everyone leave. >> reporter: be prepared to get here early. >> there is never a cover. it will be packed. >> reporter: looking to celebrate at home? many stores are gearing up to sell cases and cases of champagne. >> all of the holels are busy. everyone is having a party -- hotels are busy. everyone is having a party. we are excited. >> driving home is an issue on this night. the chp says be prepared. >> have a plan before you get to the party. designate a driver, public transportation. >> reporter:
Dec 2, 2012 6:30pm PST
family home suffered minor damage from a large tree hymn on the roof and patio -- tree limbo the roof of the patty kwroe. here are pictures of a tree on top of cars. you can see the ground gave way and with little help from the wind this tree came down early this morning. >> well, a sinkhole has made problems. the sinkhole opened up on highway 17. mark in santa cruz county where the road remains closed, mark? >> we are talking about a well known local road leading to homes down here and a school as well. a well known bypass around highway 17. but take a look at the condition of vine hill road tonight. the overnight storm from saturday night into sunday morning washed out the road just a bit to the east of highway 17. county road crews were here earlier today to block off the road in both directions. the officials say they will begin dog an assessment tomorrow. at this point -- begin doing an assessment tomorrow. at this point they don't know what it will happen. >> i lived here almost half my life and never seen this here. we used to go to school this way, so, yes. >> >> reporter: a
Dec 4, 2012 11:00pm PST
embargo los pumas abrian entrado al patio de una casa y se escondian debajo de una mesa y arbustos cuando los guardianes dispararon a los animales. cesar ---a esta hora de la noche miles de aficionados del club pachuca estan reunidos velando los restos del ex portero de ese equipo miguel calero.... blanca --- calero murio esta maÑana tras haber sufrido una muerte cerebral ayer por la noche. ---nora leaÑos nos tiene mas informacion... nora... cesar ---nueva pausa pero en breve, take vo ---enterese como reaccionaron muchas personas en mexico y colombia al enterarse de la muerte de miguel calero.. segment ends fallecimiento de miguel calero provoca conmocion blanca ---asi es, hoy su hermano habl su muerte mientras decenas de personas lamentaron el desenlace que tuvo el ex portero colombiano. ---raul torres nos tiene el informe.. take pkg 0.17-0.23 0.45-0.52 1.16-1.21 1.22-1.33 1.43-1.49 roll weather open cesar ---ahora veamos como pinta el pronostico para los proximos dias... blanca ---con irene sans.... adelante irene... take pkg cesar ---pausa comercial pero antes, un avance de domina la
Dec 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
barrio en la avenida "warren" notaron un mal olor proveniente del patio de la casa y result ser el cadaver ---romer y su novia han sido arrestados bajo sospecha de robo, abuso de ancianos y de esconder un muerto ---el caso sigue bajo investigacion. topvo ---mientras que en oakland, esta tarde continua recuperandose de sus heridas la mujer que fue baleada en una iglesia, un dia antes de navidad ---segn la polica, un joven que salia de una licoreria en la avenida "macarthur" fue baleado y varios de los disparos cruzaron las paredes del centro evangelistico "bethel" ---maria teresa cordova dice que se ech encima de sus hijos para protegerlos.. ---una bala le perfor el brazo, los intestinos y el estomago ---al menos 20 niÑos presenciaron lo ocurrido y ninguno result herido.. cesar ---en san francisco, un hombre armado con un cuchillo puso en alerta a la policia luego de atrincherarse en una gasolinera "chevron" take vo ---segn las autoridades, esta maÑana recibieron un reporte de que un hombre en el distrito "castro" estaba actuando de manera extraÑa y que posiblemente sufra de una
Dec 3, 2012 10:00pm PST
the street from jane warner plaza and for about a year and i could see the nudists from my patio and on saturdays i drink tea and watch the nudists. recently i went to jew res lum and with friends and they were afraid to hold hands. and they would open the door if they thought it was okay and in chelsea new york you can't be seen kissing if you're two guys and am exciting to be back in san francisco. people say that nudists maybe them uncomfortable. i don't see what that is. i support them because they promote a healthy body image and in the castro and men's magazines and people working out. i think we should support all types of bodies. the biggest complaint these are not the people i want to see naked and these are the people that we should see and i am scared if this pass what is is next and i love san francisco and the diversity and the castro. >> thank you very much. >> hello. i amanda conda and president of the harvey milk democratic club and we oppose the ban and we feel it's adding a draconian measure to something that is isolated problem in an isolated area. we fe
Dec 6, 2012 9:00am PST
is and modern and welcome being atmosphere. a special feature is their wonderful patio and garden style with heat lamps and the nights are chilly they have warm kompy blankets for you. they thought of everything. they continue the community commitment and look for sustainable greends and locally produced and glutton free and some deep fried japanese mushrooms. i haven't had that one. but i had the squid seafood spaghetti and it's divine and another favorite is the lavender pan cota for desert. on the review for school there was a couple that summed it up like this. "it was simply divine" and please put your hands together and welcome olia. >> thank you so much supervisor. really kind words. i am honored. i am humbled. i am happy to receive the award among the other lovely restaurants of san francisco and i am honored to be part of your district and playing a role and making it a better place for the future. [applause] and it's not entirely gliewton free but we have a glutton free menu. >> thank you supervisor cohen. i want to see if ms. mendoza from the mayor's office -- oh i di
Dec 14, 2012 9:30pm PST
that walks right up and looks into the ramblin's back patio.
Dec 28, 2012 4:30am EST
patio furniture offshore. linda bell joins us live from bloomberg headquarters in new york. explained. >> i will tell you -- some people still have their christmas tree and holiday lights up, but we have hundreds of retailers gearing up for spring. for home depot, that is the most lucrative time of the year as people stocked up for gardening project. there is a possible strike at more than 12 ports along the eastern gulf coast. 50,000 workers could walk off the job with a deal is not reached before sunday. this could mean shipments would be cut off. they have a lot at stake -- many clothing chains get shipments from factories overseas. the movie industry is wrapping up -- one researcher says sales at u.s. and canadian theatres grew 6% this year, to almost $11 billion. studios have been focusing on films with more global appeal like "the hobbit" and investing in better projection and seating. people under water on their mortgages would be more willing to take a pay cat -- cut. directv customers will pay more for service next year -- i will explain. linda bell, reporting for abc 7 news.
Dec 3, 2012 7:00am PST
esta mañana el patio de la casa se llena de estrellas porque tenemos a los nominados para premios lo nuestro. >>> eso es más adelante. >>v> iene shaila durcal. >>> elvis crespo. >>> es que tiene muy buen ritmo. >>> buen sabor. >>> la zandunga. >>> momento de la pausa, y al regresar tenemos cómo se definió anoche en toluca el nuevo campeón del fútbol mexicano. >>> ya ni me digas, en la mls, los Ángeles galaxy es el nuevo campeón. >>> toma eso. >>> y miren, muchachos, también un inmigrante quiere saber si la solución a un problema legal es aplicar a una visa por ser víctima de violencia. >>> también se vivieron emocionantes momentos delante y detrás de las cámaras en el gran homenaje a chespirito. >>> tenemos los detalles. >>> también salma hayek llegó a méxico, qué dijo a su llegada. >>> ay, qué viva salma. >>> recuerde que anunciamos los nominados a la 25a edición de premios lo nuestro, ya regresamos ♪. >>> vamos, boricua. >>> recordar es volver a vivir, momentos del recuerdo de estos 25 años de premios lo nuestro fue la presentación de selena y eso fue en el
FOX Business
Dec 27, 2012 8:00pm EST
in january from, easter shoes on patio furniture. tom: grocery stores? i'm trying to think of what comes in on a ship? you have a variety of products from oil to textiles to all kinds of things. how far down the list, i'm trying to figure out what couple of days, what do i need to stock up on? before people run out? >> as of right now, a strike would be limited to containerized cargo, pearishibles would not be impacts or and autos, but if there is a management lockout all that of those economy impacted. tom: there was just a strike settled on the west coast, is there some basis for using that as a blueprint for the east? >> it was different, on the west coast, we had 8 day strike at 10 terminals at sports of los angeles, and between los angeles and long beach that was dealing with clerical union, a localized union, this is all along eastern gulf coast, impacting international longshoremen's organization, that is the union out here. tom: as far as the demands, is there any one particular place where they are at least some what close together? are we this close on the coat on the whole con
FOX News
Dec 30, 2012 7:00am PST
on thursday evening at a crowded luxury hotel on a patio and scoffing at the threats coming from the american and libyan governments. libyan's fledging national army is a "national chicken" mr. abu khattala said. brought toeen without to justice. >> and no reason to think any of his colleagues will be apprehended either. you have anarchy in somalia and yemen. and the administration just doesn't take it seriously. an administration obsessed with transforming the domestic american economy and quite comfortable with the decline in american influence overseas and techicolor it in tech any here in the next few days if the deal that they are talking about on capitol hill which does not include any solution for the defense sequestration problem of half a trillion dollars of additional cuts in our defense spending over the next several years if that kicks in as it now looks like it is going to, our ability to do much of anything around the world is going to be substantially decrease. >> that is troubling. some critics may jump on you for saying that the administration doesn't take the national securi
Dec 3, 2012 6:00pm PST
culo, que estrelló en el patio en una casa, en una persecución a pie los oficiales lograron su captura . >> la policía de monte sereno publicó el retrato hablado de un sospechoso de matar a un hombre y herir a una mujer para saquear la vivienda, autoridades lo identificaron como raddy de 66 años, en oakland un hombre fue detenido en relación a una golpiza a una adolescente por días, la jovencita apareció en san francisco a bordo de un autobús, los padres indicaron que la menor fue abusada, dos hombres están en custodia tras una persecución y terminmó en stockton, la patrulla de caminos indicó que el conductor manejaba a exceso de velocidad y alcanzó una velocidad de 100 millas por hora, la corte suprema decidió no tomar acción hasta el momento por la proposición 8, para prohibir matrimonios entre el mismo sexo . >> la proposición 8 no apareció en la lista de los casos que revisarían los jueces, lo mismo sucedió el viernes cuando esperaban por parte de los magistrados . >> la proposición prohibió los matrimonios gays el 2008, el viernes anunciarían si los 9 jueces
Dec 30, 2012 4:30am PST
own light. >> erica was so eager she asked him to give her a preview. >> that's the patio. wow, that certainly looks incredible. >> so far she loves christian's photos. she has a new accounting system she didn't know she needed and a room makeover that she's not quite sure she even wants but she is still so busy working in her business doing all these daily chores and hasn't yet figured out a way to get on top of it to guide her business. so when we come back, some more surprises and a plan. >>> if you're looking to land a big breakthrough or even meeting with investors, a well crafted pitch is one of the most important things a small business owner should have, yet so many people get it completely wrong. our guest is here to share some tips on how to build an elevator pitch that will increase your chances for success. terry is a public speaking, sales, training and consulting firm and also author of the new book "small message, bill impact:how to put the power of the elevator speech to work to you." good to see you. >> good to see you. >> number one you have to decide your int
Dec 3, 2012 5:00pm PST
and restaurant patios, sidewalks. it would expend the current ordinance that prevents smoking at parks and common areas. the ordinance is similar to bans in rohnert park and santa rosa. >>> trader joes is dealing with a recall. it involves 5,000 pounds of its store brand buttered chicken. it was made by a canadian company. 100 stores received the product along the east coast. >>> a banner year, the third year in a row conditions have been favorable. in 2010 and 2011 they set a record. this year it was so good they shut down squid fishing november 21. >>> traveling by air for the holidays is more expensive. the average cost of a ticket departing in the last two weeks of december is $469. that is a 4% increase. however, ticket prices haven't gone up as fast as inflation. >>> we have been showing you the south bay, east bay, weather wise, this is a good break day. >> get the clean up done. we will see more rain. sprinkles and showers in the forecast coming up but nothing like sunday morning. that was a major weather event. i would give that a 10. talked to a lot of people about it, i would say it is
Dec 3, 2012 11:00pm PST
bulevar "winchester", perdio el control del vehiculo tumbando la cerca, termino en el patio de atras de la casa. ---el sospechoso luego huyo a pie pero logro ser capturado por los agentes. stop open roll open cesar ---hace apenas dos meses que el gobernador jerry brown la veto citando varias razones... blanca ---pero hoy, en el primer dia de sesiones legislativas en el capitolio de sacramento.... take vo ...el asambleista por san francisco, tom ammiano present una version actualizada de la llamada "ley de la confianza", la cual pide invalidar gran parte de las provisiones del programa "comunidades seguras". ---pilar niÑo nos tiene mas sobre esta noticia... take pkg 0:01 0:19 0:41 0:58 1:46 take pkg el conteo no para....ya son 85 mil los deportados en california por el programa comunidades seguras. esto segun la oficina del asambleista estatal tom ammiano que ha intentado detenerlo con un proyecto de ley que fue vetado por el gobernador hace dos meses, pero que vuelve a introducir hoy en el primer dia de la nueva legislatura. kimberly alvarenga/of. asambleista tom ammiano la estamos reintr
FOX News
Dec 3, 2012 1:00pm PST
at bringing in spring merchandise so you are looking at patio furniture. >>neil: what would happen to the prices of those goods, then, if they are in short supply or zero supply. >>guest: well, in short supply, hoping the prices won't go up, but, consumers need to go out and buy the goods now just in case they are not on the shelfs in a couple of weeks. >>neil: without getting into the details of the strike, a lot of union strikers are very upset that if one of these goes they are not being replaced and this is standard practice. this has been a big sticking point. any middle ground on that or does it remain? >>guest: not sure. as far as we know the two sides remaining at the table and are negotiating but the pickets and the strikes are continuing and the issues need to be worked out by both sides. at this point, this negotiation has been going on for over two years. we think there is a need for federal mediation to come to an agreement. >>neil: do you have a response from the president? s a of today we do not have a response from the white house. >>neil: hopefully this is all reso
Dec 3, 2012 5:00pm PST
verónica . >> un macabro encuentro en el patio de casa en california , cadáveres de dos mujeres de 20 años y dos hombres de 30 a 40 años , se encontraron boca a abjo después de reportar el crimen a emergencia no hay arrestos ni esta el arma homicida . >> [♪ ♪] . > > cazaria humana en puerto rico para dar con publicista que desaparecio su camioneta se encontró quemada, imágenes muestran cuándo retira dinero con desconocido y después este uso la tarjeta de crédito pero solo . >> hasta debajo de las piedras buscan a niña de 11 años secuestrada por padres en hospital en arizona, esto se extiende , como recordaran sufre de leucemia tiene un brazo amputado ,la sacaron escondida . >> puede causar infección mortal . >> comentamos de noticia triste, infierno es lo que viven mujeres y niños en hospital siquiatrico en guatemala, los pacientes están en condiciones recarias hasta sufren abusos sexuales porque a los presos se les permite tener sexo con los enfermos . >> le contamos que la comisión de derechos humanos hace que el gobierno debe hacer una investigación . >> situa
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